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  • The Specter Haunting Marxism

    The Specter Haunting Marxism0

    Marx and Engels are still revered in certain circles, as is the system of thought they invented in the 19th century. Indeed, on the Left, they are treated with the reverence that used to be reserved in the U.S. for the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. But there is a specter

  • How Three Prior Pandemics Triggered Massive Societal Shifts

    How Three Prior Pandemics Triggered Massive Societal Shifts0

    Before March of this year, few probably thought disease could be a significant driver of human history. Not so anymore. People are beginning to understand that the little changes COVID-19 has already ushered in or accelerated – telemedicine, remote work, social distancing, the death of the handshake, online shopping, the virtual disappearance of cash and


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