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  • Independent Voices Sing in Symphony

    Independent Voices Sing in Symphony0

    One of my earliest memories of classical music is accompanying my father and older brother to hear Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony when I was 7. The symphony conveyed pure magic, filling my head with sonorous themes and exquisite harmonies, permeating the whole of my being. Enveloped in an emotional reverie, I was struck by an unbelievable

  • Can We Still Trust the Doctor?

    Can We Still Trust the Doctor?3

    When I was growing up, I learned to trust my doctor. My parents never said that explicitly; I could see it in their actions. I was in the hospital many times growing up, sometimes for very serious reasons. I have eight siblings, and I’m one of the elders, so I was there on the numerous

  • Time to Rethink the Core Question: What Is Health Care?

    Time to Rethink the Core Question: What Is Health Care?4

    By now we’ve all heard many stories of health policy makers, medical institutions, and even doctors seemingly act against the best health interests of the people and their patients. Doctors ignoring the real facts that Covid was never that dangerous for large swaths of the population, and equally ignoring that the vaccinations may cause serious