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  • Red Robin is Cutting 570 Jobs. Can You Guess Why?

    Red Robin is Cutting 570 Jobs. Can You Guess Why?0

    Red Robin, a popular burger chain, will cut jobs at all 570 of its locations because, chief financial officer Guy Constant said, “We need … to address the labor [cost] increases we’ve seen.”

    To put it differently, Red Robin

  • Why This Communist Restaurant Failed

    Why This Communist Restaurant Failed0

    • November 1, 2017

    I frequently teach economics principles courses, offering many college students their first exposure to the subject. While we cover all the basics—supply and demand, elasticity (consumer and producer sensitivity to price changes), taxation, trade, and externalities—I’m under no illusion that

  • Portugal is Winning the War on Drugs

    Portugal is Winning the War on Drugs0

    For more than 100 years the United States has looked to prohibition to curtail the use of drugs. Proponents argue that by making substances like marijuana, cocaine and heroin illegal, government can significantly reduce drug-related crime, prevent addiction and stop