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  • What Jeff Bezos Gets Right About Parenting

    What Jeff Bezos Gets Right About Parenting0

    Jeff Bezos was recently interviewed by his younger brother, Mark, at the Summit ideas conference in Los Angeles. The nearly hour-long discussion included a loving portrait of their childhood as well as the Amazon founder’s theories on childrearing. For those of us who believe in the importance of greater independence for our children and have

  • The Death of Outdoor Recess

    The Death of Outdoor Recess0

    A mom in New York tells me she’s in a fight with her kid’s preschool. You might think she’s unhappy with the zero-tolerance policy for Kombucha? Too much enrichment? Not enough? In fact, it’s none of the above. Her fight is over the children playing outside. The mother wants her kid to be outside more

  • Modern Childhood and the Death of the Seesaw

    Modern Childhood and the Death of the Seesaw0

    This week in the New York Times, Sharon Otterman wrote a eulogy for a dying piece of playground fun: the seesaw. As Otterman explains, there used to be a seesaw in every playground: “Charity associations gave seesaw demonstrations when playgrounds were introduced at the turn of the twentieth century. They were standard fixtures in the

  • How Parents Are Slowly Ceding Authority to Children

    How Parents Are Slowly Ceding Authority to Children1

    Last weekend, our five-year-old daughter yelled at an adult friend of ours. When I found out about it later that day, I made my daughter call and apologize for yelling. It was very hard for her to do (oh, the waterworks!). She has a strong personality and doesn’t like to say sorry—at all. But I