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  • Incidentally White

    Incidentally White0

    “[T]o speak in general terms of the prototypical Southern conservative we would say first of all that he was not an alienated man.”—M.E. Bradford, “Where We Were Born and Raised” White nationalism has long existed on the borderlands of disaffected conservatism. Among its several denominations is the movement known as identitarianism, which combines the ideology of white nationalism with language

  • The Real Problem With Christian Music Isn’t That It’s Overly Repetitive

    The Real Problem With Christian Music Isn’t That It’s Overly Repetitive1

    There are those of us who cringe and bristle at the modern “praise and worship” music that has invaded churches of every Western denomination in the United States: guitar masses, contemporary services, happy-clappy praise bands, worship teams, big TV screens. One of our regular criticisms is that, in this “contemporary” format, the same words are

  • Jordan Peterson and the Unknown God

    Jordan Peterson and the Unknown God0

    “All the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.”—Acts 17:21 To some, Jordan Peterson is a breath of fresh air. To others, a guru. Many find him and his ideas to be dangerous. Still others see him as a sign of


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