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    Taylor Tougaw

    Taylor works on legislative policy in Washington D.C. and has degrees in history and political science from Colorado State University and a master’s degree in foreign policy from the University of Newcastle, United Kingdom. He enjoys fishing and English breakfast tea. All views presented in any of his articles are his alone.

Author's Posts

  • Can America Have Separation of Church and State?

    Can America Have Separation of Church and State?6

    Anti-religious fervor is rising in the United States. In January, the FBI circulated an internal document that targets traditional Catholics for investigation because of their views on such topics as open borders or LGBT issues, and other examples of anti-religious sentiment abound. Many today suggest that religion should not affect politics in the United States.

  • Is All Change Progress? Progressives Think So.

    Is All Change Progress? Progressives Think So.9

    There seems to be a pervasive sentiment in society today that paints progress as an intellectual process which perpetually increases human fulfillment, success, and joy. All change is progress, and all progress is good, so goes the idea. This idea provides the basis for progressivism and encourages development, new ideas, and a rejection of tradition

  • How Illegal Immigration Perpetuates Poverty

    How Illegal Immigration Perpetuates Poverty3

    Immigration remains not only one of our nation’s most pressing issues but also one of the most divisive. The common media narrative boils this topic down to say that progressives are kind and welcoming to those experiencing hardship while conservatives are cold-hearted monsters. Sadly, this narrative hides a much more sinister reality: Charitable immigration can