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  • Exposing the Roots of Globalism

    Exposing the Roots of Globalism0

    What are the real roots of globalism, the ideology of the party of Davos, transnational corporations, of many U.S. Democrats, and their counterparts in Europe and elsewhere today? First, a definition. “Globalism” is one world government run on the basis of democratic socialism and world citizenship. From the globalist perspective, all of world history is

  • Why Manliness is Disappearing

    Why Manliness is Disappearing0

    Women, minorities, and other so-called marginalized groups have multiple champions. All well and good, even inevitable, I suppose. Picture right now in your mind’s eye: Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John, Black Lives Matter. Hey, even the redone Caitlyn Jenner. Yet no one has spoken for the average American male in a very long time,

  • Why Globalism is Doomed

    Why Globalism is Doomed0

    The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the international body based in Basel, Switzerland that represents the world’s central banks, claims in its latest annual report that globalization is a “scapegoat” for rising inequality, as it launches a defense of closer cross-border ties and integration. You didn’t get a copy and read every word of it?


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