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    Larry Elder

    Larry Elder is a bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host. His latest book, The New Trump Standard, is available in paperback from Amazon.com and for Nook, Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play. To find out more about Larry Elder, or become an "Elderado," visit www.LarryElder.com.

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  • Crime Hits Home

    Crime Hits Home1

    To know my Aunt Maggie is to adore her. She is a 92-year-old retired nurse who lives in Cleveland. When I graduated from law school, I moved to Cleveland to work for a law firm. During my first weeks in town, I lived with my Aunt Maggie and Uncle Thurman. It was almost embarrassing the

  • Iowa Republican Governor Attacked For ‘Racist’ Political Ad

    Iowa Republican Governor Attacked For ‘Racist’ Political Ad1

    Iowa Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, a white female who is running for reelection against a white female opponent, stands accused of … racism. The Iowa Democratic Party chairman, a black man, leveled the charge against her. Reynolds’ sin? She put out a political ad, over a week ago, attacking her opponent for what Reynolds considers

  • How Can You Befriend a ‘Semi-Fascist’?

    How Can You Befriend a ‘Semi-Fascist’?2

    Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, at a recent event with a liberal audience, praised Justice Clarence Thomas, her ideological adversary. Sotomayor said, “He is a man who cares deeply about the court as an institution.” She added that while the two often disagree over judicial decisions, “We share a common understanding about people and kindness

  • Climate Change Forecasts

    Climate Change Forecasts5

    “‘The trouble with almost all environmental problems,’ says Paul R. Ehrlich, the population biologist, ‘is that by the time we have enough evidence to convince people, you’re dead. … We must realize that unless we are extremely lucky, everybody will disappear in a cloud of blue steam in 20 years.’”—The New York Times, 1969. “No


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