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    Hilary Moore

    Hilary Moore lives in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. She is a pro bono attorney, adjunct professor of criminology and criminal justice, and a beekeeper. She lives on a small farm with her family and cacophony of critters. You can connect with Hilary via Facebook, and more of her writing can be found at www.lineofadvance.org, www.healthline.com, and www.relevantmagazine.com.

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  • Want to Raise a Doctor or Lawyer? Don’t.

    Want to Raise a Doctor or Lawyer? Don’t.0

    Doctors and lawyers have long been synonymous with “success” in America. Legal and medical dramas cycle on our televisions 24/7, highlighting the allure of power, status, and excitement. More fundamentally, many parents of children considering a college major appreciate the employment security, professional respect, and financial stability that come with these professions. So it might


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