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  • Atheist Community: Too Many Atheists Embracing ‘Troubling’ Morals0

    In recent years, the atheist movement in North America has begun to experience institutional rot. For example, in May, “Eiynah,” an ex-Muslim atheist based in Toronto, Canada, denounced at her Nice Mangoes blog, “blind faith, dogmatism, tribalism, homophobia, sexism, sexual abuse and harassment, transphobia ” in their movement. Darwinian atheist P. Z. Myers responded, lamenting

  • As Traditional Religion Declines, Superstition—Not Atheism—Is the Big Winner0

    Psychologist Stuart Vyse raised an interesting question recently at the Skeptical Inquirer website, “Why Are Millennials Turning to Astrology?” He also examines the related question of why astrology has a stronger appeal for liberals/progressives than it does for conservatives. He describes interest in astrology as “surging at the moment” — although my own records trace

  • The War on Free Speech is Just Beginning0

    Will the war on freedom just peter out? No. Let’s look at four reasons why not. People are fed up with political correctness. No guff. Bill Maher is. Clint Eastwood is. We are told that Canadians are fed up too. But so? Two Canadian literary magazine editors were forced to resign from their national publications this month because they do not

  • When Professors Stifle Freedom of Thought0

    Duke theology professor Paul Griffiths created a firestorm recently by criticizing time-consuming racial equity meetings that, in his view, detracted from research, teaching, and study: It’ll be, I predict with confidence, intellectually flaccid: there’ll be bromides, clichés, and amen-corner rah-rahs in plenty. When (if) it gets beyond that, its illiberal roots and totalitarian tendencies will show. He


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