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  • Parents Can’t Depend on Schools to Teach Virtue

    Parents Can’t Depend on Schools to Teach Virtue0

    All parents wish the best for their kids. However, too many parents today think only of material well-being and future “success,” while forgetting moral education or pushing it off on the schools.  But according to Aristotle, if children aren’t taught to love the good and hate the bad from a young age, it will be

  • Are We All Bigots Now?

    Are We All Bigots Now?0

    First, some terms need to be defined here if this is going to make any sense. big·ot /’big?t/: a person intolerant of those holding different opinions. o·pin·ion /?’piny?n/: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. For the sake of clarity, let us say that opinions are the sort


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