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  • COVID Vax–Injured Executive Battles Back

    COVID Vax–Injured Executive Battles Back4

    On August 28, 2021, Christine Hoehne’s world turned upside down. Until that pivotal day, Christine had been a high-achieving global benefits manager and consultant, working on healthcare and well-being programs for employees in over 150 countries. She was a mother of three, an avid traveler, and a marathon runner. She lived a full, vibrant, and

  • What Kafka, COVID, and Music Have in Common

    What Kafka, COVID, and Music Have in Common0

    The last orchestral performance I went to was shortly after our local orchestra resumed limited, socially distanced performances after the initial shutdown. That was in November 2020, nearly two full months after Governor DeSantis had removed any official statewide restrictions. It was a Kafkaesque experience. At the dawn of the night, I felt really good about it.

  • As a Husband and Father, I Endorse Harrison Butker’s Speech

    As a Husband and Father, I Endorse Harrison Butker’s Speech4

    In February, Harrison Butker kicked the longest field goal in Super Bowl history—a massive 57-yard three-pointer—to help carry the Kansas City Chiefs to a rollicking win over the San Francisco 49ers. Recently, he’s made headlines again—this time, arguably, for far more profound reasons. Butker was invited to give the commencement address at Benedictine College, a