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Intellectual Takeout makes a positive impact on the people we reach with our articles. Below is just a sampling of the many gratified individuals who have benefited from our work.

Rational Discourse

“You all are one of the best resources for rational material out there. I read you every day.” – Keith H.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your website! Rational, intelligent articles are few and far between these days and I can always count on you to bring them to me. For that I am grateful and always delighted!” – Ilona K.

“I am a 24 year old guy, recently married, 3 years out of college, working in the field of statistics, and of course trying to figure out and navigate the world we live in. Thank you so much for your articles, it is rare to find anything like it online these days. I really appreciate the common sense views!” – Michael L.

“Thank you for being awesome. I have found few people with as much depth and balance.”  – Christopher H.

It’s nice to see that there’s a site out there that likes to really think things through rationally. I’m not sure many places do that anymore.” – Sara S.

Cultural Fortitude

“Your commentary struck me in my heart and soul. I am so distressed by the course our nation, and our world, is taking. I have wise friends who have already concluded that our country is doomed. I also fear greatly the coming generation, given its poverty of historical knowledge and its immersion in the stew of leftist thought. But, you reminded me that, out of the most dire circumstances, great good can arise.” – Mark R.

“These are the issues that serious people are going to want to read. There’s nothing that’s over-sensationalized or propaganda. It’s an exclusive site for people who are serious about the world and about world issues and pondering society’s differences. That’s what I like about it.” – Annalee J.

“Clear, incisive, and compelling.” – TheGentleTruth

“A clear voice in a sea of confusion.” – Owen M.

“You fill the empty soul … thank you.” – Bob L.

Feeding Minds

“I wish to express my appreciation for your work. I read and share many of your articles….I am sure the numbers bear out the fact that there are many people like me: Readers who revisit the same article multiple times and talk about the topics among friends and relatives. You give me food for thought on subjects that I may have had a different mindset about, and you bolster topics I agree with using wisdom and data. Keep up the great work!” – Anita S.

“I just wanted to thank you for the interesting articles you bring out to the world each day. [They are] of high quality and give nutrition to heart, head and soul!” – Lisa B.

“Very thought-provoking, they bring up issues and angles that I don’t see elsewhere. Their arguments feel very thoroughly fleshed out and thought through with supportive evidence….I often think back to the days of Aristotle and classical logical thinking and reasoning and the debates they would have and [Charlemagne Institute] is reminiscent of that. It provides the intellectual, civil discourse that is so lacking any more in our society.” – Nate C.