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Help Us Create Videos That Reflect Your Values

Help Us Create Videos That Reflect Your Values

Dear Intellectual Takeout Reader, 

Recently, I conducted an experiment. 

I made a new Instagram account and flipped through the short videos that stream to 2.35 billion active users worldwide. I tried to click on things the average teenager might like. A little music, a funny joke, popular personalities talking about what’s going on with the celebrity world, and within 10 minutes, I was seeing content that was objectionable, walking up to (and possibly over) Instagram’s stated “community guidelines” against nudity and obscene content. 

So, I steered the algorithm away from that content (not that we could expect vulnerable young minds to do so). I pretended to be a more culturally conscious teen. I watched and “liked” videos that featured debate, authors, and thinkers… 

And there was Andrew Yang spouting a stream of thinly veiled Marxist ideology. Next? Debate videos that specifically cut out replies from opinions that dissent from the narrative popularized in the media. The version of discourse presented in videos like that are an attack on the very idea of reasoned debate and the importance of rational discourse. 

You don’t need my help imagining the rest. There is a reason you read and support Intellectual Takeout. You know we are in a struggle for the heart and future of America. 

That’s why we’re creating our new Intellectual Takeout video program, Shareable Snacks.

Sharable snacks mockupShareable Snacks will give parents and future men and women a safe, family-friendly place for video content that edifies curious minds, protects developing minds, and arms ready minds before entering a world filled with the wiles of organizations and individuals who seek to corrupt and control. 

Shareables Snacks will produce great content that can travel outward to places like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and even TikTok, but the negative content created and disseminated in those channels won’t be able to populate in Shareable Snacks. 

But we need your support to make Shareable Snacks a reality. So please give today and consider making a sustaining or monthly pledge. Together, we can protect the future of America’s youth and reclaim the space that the biased mainstream media has worked so hard to claim in their minds. 

Thank you, 

Benjamin T. Lambright
Intellectual Takeout


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  • Avatar
    December 13, 2023, 1:12 pm

    I visit your website regularly because every now and then you provide me with something interesting to read. Those things have usually been written by Annie Holmquist who has moved on, but it was this site that made me aware of her.

    Perhaps you could explain how what you're doing is actually improving our situation….

    Bloggers wanna' blog – just like influencers want to show off and get praise. How are either of those helping to change things for the better?

    You're basically saying "I like sitting around pontificating about current events and want it to be my job – send money to make my dream a reality." You're comfortably on the sidelines acting as though what you're doing has an impact when it really doesn't. The steamroller moves right along… trampling everything in its path…

    It's just not worth sending money unless you're doing something to change laws. I'll keep reading for as long as this site lasts but what little funds I have goes to those who actually make an effort to accomplish the changes they talk about.

    • Avatar
      Cadence McManimon @JH
      December 13, 2023, 6:55 pm

      Hi JH, thank you for reading regularly! I'm a relatively new writer here (Cadence McManimon) and have a quick question for you.

      You mentioned supporting others who are doing what you deem more practical work in the struggle traditionalism is facing. Would you be willing to share the names of these programs with me? I love linking organizations working hard for different facets of this movement in my articles–and readers often have some great suggestions for what to support. If you are able, shoot me a message about it on my website cadencemcmanimon.com :).

      Thank you!


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