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Help Intellectual Takeout Protect My Future

Help Intellectual Takeout Protect My Future

Dear Intellectual Takeout Reader,

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to grow up in America today?

There is a reason I feel the need to write this letter anonymously. Nevertheless, I have to speak out. Like many other young women, I see how bleak the future looks for my country, myself, and my future family.

My generation is constantly lied to by the media, Hollywood, and politicians. We’re told that a fulfilling life means going into debt for a degree (not necessarily an education), climbing the corporate ladder, not getting married, and not having kids. Gen. Z is told that the pinnacle of life is working a meaningless job to pay off thousands of dollars in debt and coming home to an empty apartment each night. Not to mention that as a woman, I’m told that I should be pro-abortion and wary of having children.

As Benjamin Lambright noted yesterday, the influences surrounding Gen. Z seek to discourage, demoralize, and degrade. The world is growing more hostile to free speech and free thought.

It’s no wonder that so many in this generation make a misguided turn to socialism, communism, and wokeism—they’re looking for alternatives to the doom and gloom, though they don’t know that such ideologies are the cause of the problems facing society today.

Fortunately, I know—and you, dear reader, know—that America and the rest of the West has hope. By returning to our foundations in freedom, faith, and family, the future can once again look bright.

However, far too many in my generation don’t know this. These Western values you and I cherish are not welcome on social media, in universities, in Hollywood, or most other places influencing Gen. Z.

I’ve seen firsthand how these ideas are suppressed. I’ve seen people squelch dissent with victim status, blame capitalism for problems caused by left-wing policies, and rant about the evils of the supposed patriarchy.

So, where can the next generation go to find truth?

That’s where we at Intellectual Takeout come in.

  • We are calling out the mainstream media’s lies.
  • We are offering alternatives to the left-wing ideas that are destroying our country and leading young people astray.
  • We are growing our readership with renewed emphasis on reaching Gen. Z and giving them hope for the future of our culture.
  • We are creating video content to meet young viewers on the platforms and media they already use.

At Intellectual Takeout, we seek to provide a refuge for rational discourse. In a media landscape that discourages asking important questions, we discuss the pressing issues facing people today, especially young Americans. In a world that demands groupthink, we encourage independent thought. In a culture that rejects objective reality, we pursue truth.

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1 Comment

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    Kalikiano Kalei
    December 14, 2023, 5:03 pm

    My time on this planet is limited. Not long from now I'll be passing on to another realm that from the vantage of a non-religious (but spiritual) non-believer is infinitely unknown and uncertain. Be that as it may, one thing is absolutely certain and that is that anyone who values the almost equally infinite promise of the Great American Experiment knows that personal responsibility, considered self-expression and humane self-actualisation all go hand-in-hand with the potentials and heritage handed us as free Americans, by those enlightened individuals who crafted the fledgling United States of America.

    I, like you, wish all good things for those who identify as Gen-Z members and I am well aware of the fact that those 'good things' include sagely exercised individual freedoms, but more importantly an environment wherein the ability to think critically, discern truth aptly and participate in open colloquiums remain unrestricted by those who seek to control the thoughts and free speech of others in the name of an arcane and unworkable ideal.

    It is this that many of us are fighting to preserve today, as the poisonous ideological machinations of the Marxist/Marcusian radicals take hold and spread among the feeble-minded in our ranks. Intellectual Takeout is therefore far from merely another voice in the wilderness and I am in full agreement with the thoughts expressed here by this anonymous individual! You may count on my support in the immediate future and best holiday Alohas to you, your Intellectual Takeout readers, and your 'Gen-Z' cohorts!


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