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‘Intellectual Takeout’ Welcomes Benjamin Lambright as New Director

Intellectual Takeout is thrilled to announce the appointment of Benjamin Lambright as the organization’s new director. With a substantial history of nonprofit work, publishing, and a deep passion for shaping the conversation in America, Benjamin is poised to lead Intellectual Takeout into a new era of influence and impact.

ITO was a sleeping giant in the conservative movement, but we are waking up!” said Lambright. “We have an incredible family of readers who provide a strong base for us to grow and become an absolute force for conservative empowerment in the future of American culture and politics. In the coming months, we will be exploring options to grow ITO—including podcasts, new types of articles, and more engaging social network–like elements that will help connect our readers to our authors like never before.

“In particular, I’m excited to launch ITO video, tentatively called ‘Shareable Snacks.’ Video will bring our commitment to rational discourse and conservative values directly to the next generation of Americans. We will help young conservatives arm themselves against media bias, but perhaps more importantly, we will be the ideal vehicle for reaching out to young women and men who don’t yet know that what they think is wrong with American mass media can be explained and illuminated by the truth that is fundamental to ITO and our values.

“During our first phase of ITO video, you will see some of our most popular content of all time transformed into Shareable Snacks. Our writers will reach new audiences and bring new readers into the ITO family. From there, ITO video will begin to produce content that highlights the obvious bias and flawed logic in leftist media. We’re not just going to tell the world that the media is biased, we’re going to show it with side-by-side, point-by-point comparisons infused with rationality that will make our content easy to digest.

“When young conservatives are attacked for telling the truth about the liberal media, they will be able to click ‘share’ on one of our ‘Snacks’ and support their position. Of course, we won’t lose our love and respect for the written word. Most ITO Shareable Snacks will link back to the meat and potatoes of our articles.”

Lambright brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as director, having dedicated his life to advancing conservative values and principles. His extensive background in education, public policy, and media has equipped him with a unique perspective on the challenges facing America today.

“It is a privilege and blessing to be part of Intellectual Takeout’s commitment to providing a platform for rational discourse and shaping the conversation in conservative America,” said Lambright. “I am excited and honored to join this incredible team and contribute to the vital work of elevating discourse and advancing family values in America.”

Under Lambright’s leadership, Intellectual Takeout is poised to continue its mission of providing resources, education, and thought-provoking content to foster intellectual growth and stimulate meaningful conversations across the nation. His vision for the organization includes expanding outreach and engaging with important ideas and voices to ensure that conservative values come to the forefront of national discourse.

Robert Roach, CEO of Intellectual Takeout’s parent organization, The Charlemagne Institute, expressed his enthusiasm for Lambright’s appointment: “We believe that Benjamin’s exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to our mission will lead Intellectual Takeout to new heights. We look forward to the positive impact he will have on our organization and the conservative movement as a whole.”


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