Jeff Minick

Jeff Minick


Jeff Minick is a free-lance writer and teacher living in Front Royal, Virginia. He may be found online at

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The Antidote to Our Toxic Discourse Is Not Political ‘Correctness’—It’s Civility and Reason

Sticks and stones may break my bones, But words will never hurt me.   We’ve all heard that childhood verse, but even a five-year-old puts the boot to that second line.   Our words have power. They can wound or mend; they can...

Miss Manners Rescues Civilization: A Forlorn Hope

By now, unless you have spent the past two decades living as a Venusian, you are aware that good manners in the public square and in social media are at rock bottom. In addition to the kooks attacking speakers in colleges, mobs surrounding and...

How Did America Become a Nation of Slobs?

One evening in early April I was waiting for my ten-year-old twin granddaughters to finish their indoor soccer practice when a girl their age approached me and said, “Your coat looks really nice.”   It was a wet, chilly evening, and I was...